Our Philosophy

Soliton Energy was founded to enable entities to engage in solar energy in a simplified, profitable manner.

We saw that commercial/industrial companies and real estate owners/managers wanted the benefits of solar energy, but were hindered by the intimidating complexity of analysis and implementation.

Moreover, those companies that are committed to reducing their energy costs or investing in solar are being “solared to death” with sales pitches from all sorts of players in the business – from developers to financiers to product manufacturers.  Without a uniform structure and objective evaluation, these proposals are of little use.  Corporate decision-makers are often stymied by these challenges and information overload.

Subsequently, fruitful opportunities are often missed, and good projects don’t get built.  All the while, utility bills continue to rise while the proposals keep coming.

At Soliton Energy, we understand the challenges that our clients face as they examine solar energy solutions and deploy them.  Our broad, strategic approach gives them the tools and confidence necessary to turn their business goals into reality.

Every business engagement is different.  Every property is different, and every technology has its considerations.  Market conditions and government incentives constantly change.  To keep abreast of all of this can distract you from your core business.

Let Soliton Energy be your trusted partner if you want to lower your energy costs, or invest in solar energy.