Energy Procurement

Soliton Energy is partnered with a leader in the procurement and management of commercial electricity and natural gas supply.  For clients who cannot get the full benefit from solar on their properties, or at all, this service is an alternative for providing electricity at a contracted price, as well as natural gas if needed.  The deregulated energy markets are very competitive and can confuse clients.  Contracts containing hidden fees, unwarranted long terms, and other vaguaries are numerous.

Our relationships with leading suppliers, and attentiveness to delivering marketing research to our clients, gives them the tools they need to make prudent energy decisions in a complex, volatile energy market.

Energy procurement provides the following :
• Market opportunities are continuously monitored, taking into account short/long term risks.
• The client can evaluate all of their options.
• The contract management process is simplified.
• Procurement approaches are designed to accommodate solar projects.
• Contract terms are negotiated based on future consumption projections.
• The client’s contract is managed to avoid resetting into a fluctuating rate.
• Soliton Energy is in constant communication with the client.