About Soliton Energy

Soliton Energy is an experienced energy solution provider.  Whether it is energy management, energy procurement, or solar energy solutions, Soliton Energy can offer a total array of options to the customer.
    • As a cogeneration consultant, we analyze a customer’s current energy situation, then determine how a cogeneration system may complement any existing or additional energy management system (e.g. solar) the customer may implement.
    • As an energy management consultant, we provide customers with the software tools necessary to lower their energy costs significantly , whether they implement the solution manually or by automated interface.
    • As an energy procurement supplier, we provide customers with electricty contracts for those that cannot achieve the full benefit of solar coverage, or at all, (and natural gas if needed), and manage the entire process.
    • As an LED lighting consultant, we analyze a customer’s premises and electricity consumption, then determine the best solution to reduce their consumption and costs.
    • As a solar energy developer, we enable commercial/industrial entities and property owner/managers to make clear, rational decisions about when, where and how to deploy effective solutions.