Energy Management

Soliton Energy is partnered with a leader in energy management solutions.  Utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI), this company’s software is able to make energy peak predictions far more accurately than other market participants engaging without it.  The result is ~50% savings on energy costs and upward, depending upon on how automated the client wishes to implement their solution.  Energy managment can save customers money the following ways:

  • Curtailment Savings:
    • By leveraging the software’s predictions to reduce HVAC loads for short periods during peak times, a customer could save ~30% of its power costs.
  • Hardware Savings:
    • To capture an additional ~40% in savings would require investments in hardware, such as generators or batteries, to reduce usage to 0kW during peak hours.
  • Demand Response:
    • By working with us in Demand Response auctions and reducing HVAC loadsduring critical periods, customers can receive annual payments through the grid.
  • Real-Time Arbitrage:
    • By working with us to reduce spikes in the commodity price of electricity, customers can capture additional annual savings.

Examples of the types of entities we work with include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial production
  • Distribution
  • Mining
  • Agriculture & farming
  • Commercial property management
  • Municipalities, universities, schools, & hospitals
  • Oil & gas